A New Look and A New Style

Hope you love it!

I renamed my office the “Inspiration” room. There are lots of books, a sewing station and my work. For the most part, it’s warm and “clutter cozy”. You know, when you have a multipurpose space, there is bound to be evidence of projects here and there.

The new style and themes for my blog is a work in progress. My favorite Blogger’s I follow, confess they too have changed and developed along the way. That made me sit up straight and follow my heart, get back to throwing my passion of writing, cooking and amateur photography back into my day. When I mention amateur photography, I use my cell phone. It takes pretty good pictures. I don’t want you all to think I’ve got a huge camera hanging around my neck. I’m not there yet but maybe someday. LOL!

Speaking of photography, this featured tabletop picture I took a few years ago while in Italy just outside of Bassano del Grappa at an agriturismo. We had a beautiful lunch at this table and lots of fun and laughter with family and friends.

I hope you enjoy my blog. The Flannel Shirt Chronicles is meant to be fun and inspiring. That’s my goal.

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