A Small Gift From Our Garden

Just a simple clipping of parsley and cilantro.

It’s such a gift when beauty presents itself in the form of a gentle trimming in our herb garden. The overgrowth almost went in the compost. Before I dropped the clippings in the bucket I held the bundle up to the sunlight, the green leaves and white flowers were beautiful. I put them in a small jar filled with water and set them our countertop. The aroma of fresh herbs freshened the air and made promises of culinary accents. This beautiful bouquet, so simple, looked as if they were picked as wild flowers by a roadside, or in a grassy field. So lucky am I to have an organic herb garden to add flavors to my cooking and also beauty to my kitchen.

Moments when you see the beauty in small and simple things bring you into the present. So many times we hack away at our day. Working from lists, calendars, schedules. You don’t have to stop, maybe just pause. It could have been so easy just to drop the messy overgrowth into the bucket, but just a slight pause gave me a different perspective. I was cleaning my garden, it was on the list of what needed to be done. But in that paused moment, it became so much more.

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