Farmer’s Market Eve

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to bringing out my inner farm girl. No, I’m not digging, planting or harvesting. I am going to meet my friend June at one of our local Farmer’s Markets. We’ll mingle with hundreds of people as we get to select from the winter’s bounty from our local farmers and vendors.

I feel so fortunate we can buy the freshest ingredients from local farmers year round. This time of year there are lots of leafy greens, beets, brussels sprouts, lemons and herbs. To name a few. My Bon Appetit magazines are organized by the month so I can grab all of the January issues I collected through the years and look for recipes calling for seasonal ingredients. There are times when our coffee table is covered with my cooking magazines and cookbooks. I could spend hours looking through each page, reading ingredients, and getting ideas from different techniques. It’s a bit of an obsession.

At this point of the evening before market day, I’m still not sure what I have in mind to cook but once I get to the market, all inspiration cuts loose. So grab your recycle bags! Let’s go!

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