And The Journey Begins…..

Good morning! It’s really early and soon I will be ready for my first cup of coffee.  This blogging thing is new to me so bare with me as I figure this out.

First of all, I want to name my blog “The Flannel Shirt Chronicles”.  It’s not like I have a closet full of flannel shirts.  I have two.  Both of them I bought at Costco.  They are like a warm hug in the morning and sometimes all day long.  It may sound strange blogging about a flannel shirt but there you go.  I have to start somewhere.

Today is May 10th and I live somewhere in Santa Barbara.  We call the month of May, “Gray May” followed by “June Gloom”.  It’s a beautiful time of year when the marine layer covers the coastal cities like a warm blanket.  It makes that hot cup of coffee or tea taste that much better.  It’s cozy, chilly and a perfect day for my plaid flannel shirt.

I’ve truly been blessed to live in some amazing places.  Santa Barbara is beautiful, historic and has a lot of one way streets.  The coastline is unique as you face south to look at the ocean.  The nickname for Santa Barbara is called the American Riviera. It’s really beautiful.  As my mom would describe it, look one way to watch the waves, turn around and see the mountains.  Not too far are vineyards.  Now that’s where I get really excited.  I definitely have a passion for wine!  Look forward to many conversations about wine and food.  You’ll see photos of homemade goodies, sweet and savory as well as culinary creations while dining out.  Cooking is my form of relaxation.  I love cooking for friends and family.  Hopefully you will enjoy my blogging journey.  Cheers!


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