Girl Time

Sketch - Pam and IIt’s not very often you get to have quality time with your girlfriends.  But luckily, my best friend Pam and I could finally put dates together on the calendar.  Avoiding the unsightly Los Angeles traffic, Pam arrived cool, calm and collected on the Amtrak train traveling from Southern California to Santa Barbara.  It was great, no guys, just us.  Can you imagine?  Non stop chatter from dawn til dusk until I got her hooked on “Orange is the New Black”.  We binge watched as much as we could together and then she called her husband and asked him to hook them back up to Netflix.  She had more episodes to watch when she got home.  We had such a great time.  It was simple.  A few drives to see the beach and lunch downtown at one of my favorite local spots.  Another dining out for seafood the next day and the rest of our meals we ate at home.  Usually our visits are long phone conversations where we regretfully have to hang up.  It was good to lounge in our pajamas over coffee and start our conversation where we left off the night before.

It’s so special to have friends.  They are a gift.  Through the years I’ve had friends come and go.  Some have stayed connect with me and some have drifted on another path.  The people I’ve encountered and the friends I have made all have special meaning. Nurturing a friendship creates a special bond.  Even though you may not see that special person as often as you would like, it is heart warming when their smile finally appears in front of you.  Pam and I have known each other for more than 20 years.  We have shared much laughter, serious talks, tears of sadness and joy.  I am very blessed.

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